Doctor Called It A Miracle !

My four year old daughter was on steroids to keep her lungs from hemorrhaging for three years and she also needed an inhaler all the time. We decided to bring her before the prophet so that he could lay hands on her. When Prophet Berrian held her in his arms he prophesied over her and anointed her with “Holy Blessed Oil” and said, God will do a miracle in her life.

I took her back to the doctor and her medication dosage was lowered and she does not need the inhaler anymore! Praise God for the Gift of Prophecy in his mouth.

Sister Coleine, Atlanta, GA

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    i believe its all true becoz nothing is impossible for GOD. Jst need phrophet to pray for my husband, hes diabetic and hes kidneys is failing, doctors want to put him on dialysis for the rest of his life.. i believe nothing is to big for GOD any thing is possible. God can restore and heal his kidneys. will you pray with me pls? he has a 3year old little girl that needs her father.. his name is MARTIN COETZEE. THANK TOU VERY MUCH!

    • 3:01 pm - May 26, 2016

  • Vania Fouquet

    I would to thanks God for you Bishop and your wife since I had been connected with your ministry my life is not the same anymore I thanks God for you stay in the presence of God for the true because today we need the real true what God saying thank you for all prayer and I always for in your wife . I received so much revelation in your ministry. I will continue praying for true words of God out of your mouth thank you again. God bless Vania Fouquet

    • 5:57 pm - November 10, 2016

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