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36 Replies to “Birthday- In God We Trust”

  1. Im unemployed but in need of a spiritual n financial blessed understanding of the word so that i can beceome closer to God and his holy word please help.

    1. We pray for new doors opening in Jesus Name! Join us at 5am or noon on the Prayer call at 515-739-1285 access code: 238356#

  2. Happy Birthday Bishop Berrian ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. A very happy birthday to Bishop Berrian. MAY God Almighty bless and use you mightily.
    I had been trying to sow my seed online but. I could not
    May be something wrong with my phone.? Every time I come to faith seed I see its offline. I want to sow a seed of £56. How can I do it? Can I call? Please let me know.

    How do I send my prayer request.?

    1. Good evening Sister Mary, If your still having trouble sowing your faith seed you can give us a call at 404-380-1478.

  4. Happy Birthday Bishop Berrian.
    I do trust God that he will turn around our finances for good. Our Lord knows what we are going through my Jesus will never let us down. We pray and believe in our Lord Jesus and Saviour.

  5. I am Ready to Sow my blessing of In God I Trust of 56.11…
    If you try to get in touch with me I will be at work on this afternoon just leave a number could I could called someone to sow my blessing and immediately please… Thank you!!!!!

  6. Happy cake day bishop wish u many more to come may God continue bless you and may prosperity shower down upon you..

  7. This has been an awesome time of your birthday celebrations. I look forward to four people being disconnected in wrong connections. Also it was remarkable that Prophet Elijah spoke to me on Saturday after the teleconference and gave me instructions to follow regarding restoration of my family and my personal finances. I am also following the 8 day instructions regarding the 4 100 dollar bills.

    Thank you again. May your prosperity snowball to all of us. May we have as good health, peace and joy as you have. Also may our families be united and supportive of each other as yours is. Thank you.


  8. Papa bishop berrian happy birthday to you good celebration be blessing and and life in Jesus might name l great you and arc bishop berrian thanks you
    Blessing me to
    Bishop berrian your son dei lmmanuelwalterk is here again
    With her problem pls help
    In God l trust
    In God l trust
    In God l trust forever and even Amen!!
    Blessing me father thanks you

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