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  2. Good day bishop, I sowed the 111.11 and 44. 18 last night.. I pray for protection for me and my fsmily, I also want prayer for a my best friend who will be going through immigration with regards to getting his green card.. his name is augustin felix.. I ask that you keep him in your prayers and everything goes smoothly

  3. Bishop Charlie Berrian, I TRUELY want to so DESPERATELY to send in my seed ,I not being disobedient or doubtful, I trust GOD and I DON’T want to miss my spot or time of BLESSING from the LORD ,I just don’t have a seed at this time Sir but PLEASE keep me and my family in PRAYERS, CAUSE yes there are many attacks of the Enemy going on now ,this individual (Graham Baker) ,(you ask me to name my enemy. There much hate ,angry,rage jealously,envy bitterness, resentment this individual has in his Heart towards me ,to do,,and CAUSE great harm ,to me,,my enemy)M(witch,Warlock,demon )BLOOD OF JESUS is set himself against me to attack me every Night BETWEEN 12-3am as you spoke of.This EVIL DEMONIC presence in this individual trying to discredit and and break me ,but the devil is a lie,I shall live and not die.I THANK and Praise GOD for Victory in midst of it all.and for you and team of prophets.Your emails help me and keep me encourage, as the LORD sends the WORD again Thank and Praise GOD for his messagers Amen

  4. If these things come to pass I will sow to your ministry again! I’ve already sowed to your ministry and I’m very thankful for your word! The last time it came to pass!!! I receive it in Jesus name! Amen!!

  5. Praise God in Jesus name I don’t have money nor income at this time but I will continue to do prayer for my Devine protection thank you God bless

  6. I know GOD wants me to sow my seeds sir and to rebuild my faith and keep believing and never lose sight of hope. I am positive with a little faith of a mustard seed GOD sees that I am trying and I never forgotten his name or Jesus name. I know everything they have done for me. I also know that GOD is not done with me yet. However I am growing and changing within the word of GOD. My journey is going according to plan. I’m not perfect but know GOD is working on me.

  7. Hello Prophet I am truly in a bind and I don’t have the 111.11. Seed. I would still liken the prayers if you are so gracious to do so. In have sown on other occasions into your ministry. Thank you

  8. Bishop Berrian,
    My name is Janet Bento Li. I will sent in the $111.11 by check in the mail this morning. I believe that even though the enemy has been attacking me so hard, I don’t want to give up because I have made it this far. I know and I believe God and I can feel this year (now) is my turnaround season.

    Thank You,
    Janet Bento Li

  9. Praise GOD I thank you for the prayers you prayed to GOD for me. Currently I don’t have any money bishop. But once I do I will make sure to see another seed.

  10. I sowed my seed of faith believing God sent you in my life for a time as this … so I’m praising Him for what He’s about to do with and in my life … Hallelujah!
    I am a King’s Daughter my name is Victory!!!

  11. I sent the 56:11 I am not able to here none of the words personal information that you have for me when I sow I did not get the oil also or the tape please can I receive then????

  12. Thank you Pastor for your prayers. I don’t have anything to sow. But as God provides’ I will sow.i do need your prayers.

  13. Hello bishop and ministries thank y’all for every prayer and anointed powerful word spoken in my life, Right now I’m unable to sow a seed due financial situations as God provide i will sow a seed into the ministry again…

  14. Bishop all what you have said concerning me is true my life is chartered I don’t have the seed am in Nigeria just be praying for me I don’t even have job

  15. God had spoke to me months ago reversal reversal reversal.i sowed a seed about 3weeks ago they told me my word was going to be on mo3havent received this yet ll sow a seed but in my church in NC. I might can be on the call for a short time to hear the word

  16. Thank you man of God. I received your mail as well as your prophetic instruction. All the things you have written is true but what else can i do. though i don’t have the seed now but i know i will surely do so as the LORD GOD opens my way and deliver me from many attacks i have been going through which seem to have blocked every thing good in my life. Continue to pray for me; i know as the LORD opens my door i will support his work through your ministry

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