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11 Replies to “Special Resurrection Audio Message”

  1. Prophet berrain, I got your message thank you Jesus and the only thing I can’t sent you any money my husband and I not work no jib at all husband has health issue he was my only source so for myself I need look a job we got bills to pay nothing coming. Were struggling financially .but I believe God will help me in some way and I m being part of my home church leadership. Too. I need prayers to overcome this problem.

  2. I got your email and I listened to the audio. I am very sorry I don’t have a seed.but I am honored you are praying for me

  3. Bishop Berrian thank you for all your email please I want to beg you I don’t have money am not working no job and just came out of a broken relationship no helper so please continue to pray for me to have my own husband am 45 from Nigeria .thank from Inema

  4. Hello bishop and ministries thank y’all for every prayer and powerful anointed word spoken unto my life, Continue pray for my finances and peace God fearing husband, unable to sow a seed as God lead and provide i will sow again..God Bless y’all abundance… Love y’all dearly from my heart and soul..

  5. Thank you for all your prayers and I hope that you continue to do if the Lord’s will .When I get able I’ll sow my seed …

  6. Bishop Berrian I thank you so much for praying for me and my family soon as I get some money I will send my seed in God bless you.

  7. Thanks a lot my dear Prophet, for the prayers, I am already feeling the touch of the power of your prayers upon me. The blessings are really coming on me there is power of the Holy Spirit in these prayers. I will continue to be the child of God with the help of your anointed prayers God bless you abundantly. I will send this Eyes of the Faith Seed, I really need the oil and the other gifts. May God continue to bless you and your family wishing you a safe flight to Ghana I wish Malawi was near Ghana I would have come to meet you in person anyway distance is not a barrier.

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