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Keys to UNLOCK: Special Audio Message

Step 1:

Step 2:

Click Here, Sow Your Unlock My Door Faith Seed of $69.17

Unlock My Door Faith Seed of $69.17
Step 3: Join Live Conference Call

I want you to join me on the live conference call tonight Friday, April 21st at 7:30 PM EST. Dial 1-515-739-1285  and use the access code 238356#. Tonight I will be teaching on “How to Bind the Strongman and take back what Belongs to You.”

My Promise to You:

  • A Powerful Word of Prophecy LIVE on the conference call
  • Audio teaching from Prayer War Room Series called “The Prayer to Bind and Loose”
  • I will send you a “Special Prophetic Key” from my Prayer Room
  • Sacred Powerful Prophetic Instructions to Unlock Doors of Blessings and lock doors of evil attacks in your life.
  • A FREE ebook on the Keys to the Kingdom of God
  • Special prayers to speak over your Key once you receive it in the mail

7 Replies to “Keys to UNLOCK: Special Audio Message”

  1. Please keep my family in prayer my mkm just had her otha leg remove she experiencing more pain so ask u pray for healn also pray for me that im able sow 69.17 for i am experiencing hardship i want to have the key in the name of jesus!!! So im askn please keep me uplifted in prayer for as god contiue bless i will sow at this moement i dont have ot to sow im believing god for finicial breakthrough debt release bills pay amen!!

  2. Hello bishop unable to send the $67.17 right now as God lead and provide will sow again.. Pray my strength in the Lord over peace,joy,happiness, lead and guidance God fearing husband..

  3. I have been on the call every night and I would love to sow many seeds. But I don’t have the money to sow a seed when I do I will sow man of God. Some attacks that all I can do is stay in prayer day and night. I am greatly appreciate of the word and prayers on the behalf of my life and kids.i thank you so much for everything.

  4. I really want the Lord Jesus to help me to send this Master Key Seed . I badly need this key please keep it for me including the instruction book. I am already feeling its power and I believe with these keys I will be blessed indeed. Thanks God bless.

    Iv Y

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