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36 Replies to “Money Making Magnetic Ideas”

  1. Bishop Berrian, I mailed a money order of Faith Seed to you in the amount of $51.51 as you requested. This money order should arrive by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week because of the holiday on Monday. At the present time,t funds are not available in my account to respond to this imperative need. What shall I do? I want to be obedient?. I will go to the bank to get 8 brand new $1 bills.

    The 5 things that I would like to happen in my life are: 1) Debt cancellation, 2) Legal matters cleared about insurance policies,3) Restore family home in Chester, MD through legal consultants related to my late husband’s Will 4)To restore my family with financial blessings and 5) my physical health.

    Please respond, Prophet Berrian.


  2. Thank you for your message to your endless and sleepless nights for pulling me out of this death pit.

    Thank you for the past guides and living water …miracles …amen… was so powerful and I am able
    to heal myself and my family ….praying to break the curse ground and financial increase….and thank
    you for the food for my labour ……I will release my seed in my next payment.

    Amen! I want to read the book and the oil….to break the curse..
    Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank You !

  3. Bishop Berrian I cannot sow that seed of $158.58 until next week but I also don’t want to lose out on anything you have to offer. I would like to know if next week will be too late for me. I just sow my $99.99 seed this morning, so right now my funds are low. But I must let you know that from the moment we made contact my life has moved to a better place. Thank you for being my spiritual guide and my prophet.
    Please reply and let me know if next week will be too late to sow my seed of $158.58

  4. senfing you my 58.58 seeds. yes bishop i want the oil the prayer and your devine intervention for all what the Lord reveal to you is obedient all the message is on process but seems there is holdi g block.. thanks bishop i needGod to step in the situation i send it by western and call you .. for the detail this week bishop..

  5. Hello Bishop, I am going to put my faith seed in the mail this week. Please send the oil to me at PO Box 12401 Jackson TN 38308.
    Thanks in Advance
    Carolyn Smith
    P. S . Please continue to pray for me and my family.

  6. Hello Bishop Berriam, praise the Lord! I am very happy with your ministries and I will be sowing the seeds for 58.58. I will be working on what instructions you have given me through God’s words! I am needing prayer for Financial breakthrough, legal matters with my home and bankruptcy ,to be financialyl debt free with all bills, to obtain a self employed business to help others and to have a release of my inheritance and to pay off pressing obligations immediately! Please continue to pray for me in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen!

  7. Hello bishop and ministries thank y’all for every prayer and powerful anointed word spoken to me right now I’m unable to send as God provides i will sow a seed again..

  8. Dear Prophet Berrian,

    You have been better than great to me. You have been like a light at this time in my life. I thank you and I thank Heaven for you. bless you 1,000 times. Only the Almighty knows how grateful I am, It feels as if 50 doors are shut against me here in (!!!!) you know where. I am working on the seed offering. Ministry takes effort, you ask for something small to what you put forth to minister back to us. Bless you and thank you. I am very very very grateful and when things get up and the wheel starts turning I will show the Lord how grateful I am for having had you minister to me. Bless You Prophet Charlie Berrian.

  9. Hello Bishop and I am very thankful to GOD that he is using you to connect on me. I am so amazed because GOD work i a mysterious ways, the fact I am live from the Philipines which is very very far from your ministry. Thanks a lot for the prayers and sending to my email and let me know what the God’s plan in my life. Today while I am reading your email dated 02/19/17, I am crying with joy because the LORD loved and cared for me, I cannot explain the goodness, grace and mercy of our Lord.

    2.58pm-February 20, 2017

  10. Hello Bishop and ministries thank you for your prayers and the prophesy. How i wish i can send you $58.58 and get those anointing oil and 8 list of things to do and prayer, but i don’t have enough money right now. Thank you indeed and please include me always in your prayers.

  11. Will be sending you the seed of faith of 58.58(.1) Restore my relationship with my husbandR.V.F..(2) Cancel all my debts.
    (3)keep my children and family safe from harm. (4)Financial breakthrough.(5)and for the health of my family, and my self


  13. Hello Bishop my name is Lois Grays just writing to let u know that I do not work I am disable and God knows and I knows I can’t afford to send that seed right now , but as God bless me I will be a blessing to you with a gift. Now can I still get the oil please let me know!!

  14. Bishop Berrian your prophetic stone and mixed oil has been received earlier this year. Will appreciate you sending this oil and as God brings the needed breakthrough I will be able to sow much into your ministry. You have my address in Malaysia.

  15. Praise the Lord. Blessings to you Bishop aand propetess Nichelle., I will send in a seed no sooner I get employed. Doors are opening
    for interviews. trusting God for the right door to be open.

    Need Prayer for debt cancellation
    Financial Restoration/Breakthrough
    prayer for unsaved loved ones 2 of my brothers and their families. (They are from a Hindy Background)
    Prayer for a place of my own as I am leaving from a suitcase ‘

    Thank you

  16. Dear Bishop…Thank for all your support over the past year…..I believe in the power of prophecy and prayer…I am asking God for favor on some legal….documents at this time..I have made a vow in my give the $58.58..I will be sending u this..through the mail..please..keep me..In your prayers..The word of prophecies u send have always been..on the nail..Thank u for your service..8 blessings..and the oil..God bless u all..How exciting to know that..There r..true prophets still in this world..

  17. Thank you for your prophetic word it is appreciated.
    I know if I continue my Faith, being Obedient to God and doing his will, Reading my bible, and praying my family and I will get the Blessings God has in store for us in his timing and its Free..

  18. Jacqueline

    I sowed my seed of $158.58. I went to bank got 8 $1 new bills.
    (1) finiacial blessing I can take care of my mom and children and grandbabies
    (2) debt cancellation
    (3)career-relocating to another state in next 2 mos.
    (4) relationship- particular person, and better relationship with my oldest daughter she just want listen she very smart, intelligent and has idea she wants yo with her life. She has 3 babies and she in out of jail has been prison twice, my most concern is my grand babies, I ask lord shield and protect them from all harm. I have taken care while she was gone, they lived with me. I want all my children prosper and do well for themselves.
    (5) my health

  19. Dear Bishop enjoy your messages all the time. How do I send you money last time I sent you a credit card number I never received my prophecey. I enjoy your messages all the time. I can’t wait to be with all of you one day very soon

  20. Praise God…Good morning this is Michael Rogers I was wondering if I can speak with a prophet concerning my calling because things is happening in my life that I have no understanding of and it’s a must to know what the load is tryin to tell me…i really need your help please!! My # 760-977-9596

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