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Season of Mastery

Step 1: Click on the link down below to listen to the audio file.


Click Here Sow your Faith Seed

Faith seed of $56

Step 2: Go to your email and read the rest of the instructions for Mastery.

Step 3: Once you have sowed the seed go to your email and read the special instruction to start to produce 11 areas of mastery in your life.

Step 4: Tomorrow, Tuesday February 28th at 7:56 PM EST with your list of 11 situations you want MASTERY in.

26 Replies to “Season of Mastery”

  1. Bishop please continue pray for my finances and can you pray for me a holiness companion and guidance.. Also pray for my mother Leona Fletcher deliverance from crack cocaine, My oldest son deliverance from marijuana addiction guidance to go back too high school..

  2. I will connect with you at 10:06 p.m. British time. Is there another call at 10:58 p.m. so I will stay on the line. As it is Saturday I will plant seed of $156.00 on Monday. I hope this works today 25 February 2017


  3. Thank You Bishop for your prayers for my family and I I am praying for a car and my settlement to rule in my favor, for healing of my back, high blood pressure and diabetes. I am trusting God that everything is going to work out in my favor I also am praying for a closer relationship with Jesus

  4. Thank you, the prophesy you gave me about my finances came to pass! One of them came Friday just as you said. Thank you! I sowed into your ministry! GOD BLESS! Receiving this one by faith also, in Jesus name!

  5. Bishop I thank you about the blessing you poured upon me.I can’t connect with you but i believe spiritually we do.
    Please pray for my fruit of the womb

  6. DearBishop,

    Kindly pray that i first get a job. me and my husband both are jobless. How do i pay the money without getting an income. We have two young children. their education, family expenses and housing loans are worrying me a lot. Since a year i am without a job . my husband had a job but he had a heart attack and is now out of job too. Please pray for me and my family. i will make the payment once i get a well paying job.

    1. We pray for a financial break through. Also please Join us at 5am or noon EST on the Prayer call at 515-739-1285 access code: 238356#

  7. God bless Bishop, I have receive your prophetic word and I believe and I desire to sow my faith seed, but something comes up every time. Keep praying for me Bishop. I’m going through a financial struggle right now, Pray for me that God will take away the struggle. Pray that God will bless me with a God fearing husband who will love me for me. I have a prosthetic leg and I feel insecure about myself sometimes. Just keep me in prayer, thank you so much. May God almighty keep blessing your ministry.

  8. I trust God for my future, and thank you for the words of inspiration. May Gods blessings always be upon you as your readings from scripture from His word gives me hope, strength and renewed faith. God is a Great, and Almighty.


  9. Dear Bishop, if i am coming into my season, and you are praying for me. you would know by now that i don’t have any money. so my question you as a prophet of God would know i have no money. so i can’t give what i don’t have. I’ve been asking you to pray for my situation , but you keep sending me enails asking me to give a certain amount which I’ve told you i dont have. i believe God doesn’t ask for anything. im going through a very difficult time right now, and i have no money. so if you doing Gods work pray for me, and when i have money i will send you some. Thanks marion.

  10. Bishop and ministries i will sow a seed of $56 at 12 midnight eat time since I’m in Texas also thank y’all for every prayer and powerful anointed word spoken in my life and for my love ones life..

  11. I have mailed my seed for the eleven mastery gifts……Please pray for my health and my breakthroughs and send me my special days …..Blessings Amen

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