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Special Message with the Archbishop E. Bernard Jordan

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21 Replies to “Special Message with the Archbishop E. Bernard Jordan”

  1. Please pray for my strength as Satan is surely trying to sift me! But I say, Have you considered my servant Theresa? I shall stand and see the salvation of the LORD!!! Thank you, man of God

  2. Please peay the Lord release a beautiful home for my children and I. Father god bless me while on my job. Father god blss me to pay all of my debts off. Bless and restore the relationship with my oldest son. Father God protect my oldest son from any and all negative influences that are not of your will for his life. Lord I pray peace ia restores within me and my spirit is filled with all wisdom and knowledge. Lord bless my family with a new SUV. FATHER GOD BLESS ME TO BE CONSISTENT IN MY PRAYER LIFE, Family life , bless me to be faithful and dedicated on my job.

  3. I didn’t get to listen to instructions I missed alot. Been fighting bad dizziness like neausa on and off and horrible pains alone. I requested prayers for it. I was drugged over and over I didn’t think it was possible to be in as much food as it was but it was and people sneaked into my home and messed with my food and drinks. So I’d get better then have it again. I wasn’t able to drive . And for about two weeks my vehlicle was being fixed . I am excited and happy to sow . 217.00 came in my account and the bank sent me a letter saying it and I normally get I over draft. I believe God is doing something and I believe I ll have all this bad side effects gone and no more doctor who I am forced to see. I have release and pay back for everything. I hope this encourages people. I prayed for money to seed. I said God if you want me to give this you ll make a way . I get 730.00 month .

  4. please pray for me protection from evil frome devourer from the evil.. please pray for me good health wisdom and financial released devine release .. pay off debts..

  5. Thanku man of God for the breakthrough message i receive it in Jesus mighty name Amen I am in need of debt cancellation of 200,000+, divine direction, health wellness total restoration in my life thank you Jesus Hallelujah I do stand in agreement with God and you that He will bring it to pass was trying to leave an offering but the system would not allow me to change the amount that you are asking for I’m not able to sow that amount at this time. Thanku keep me in your prayers blessings to you Veronica Evans

  6. God Bless You Bishop Berrian,

    Thank you for everything.

    Thank you for your instructions, prayers and prophetic insight. I know that Ministry costs you something. I will bring in my seed as soon as I have.

    Thank you and bless you and everything connected to you.

    Love and Respect

    Claudette Mighty

  7. I am so grateful for Prophet Berrian and Prophetess Nishelle.
    I am so grateful for my very accurate prophecy tonight, and i thank you.
    I ask for God to move my life the way he chooses, only with me having the wisdom to move with….
    Thank you Prophet Berrigan for praying the Forgiveness Prayer with me tonight.
    Prophetess Nichelle, thank you for your accurate prophecy and your professional yet sensitive way of addressing my struggles.

    God Bless you both

  8. No more delay in my life for ministry nor life partner nor fulfillment of all prophectic words given so far. Please pray also for my friend Michael Whelan who is having difficulty for permanent employment. I will plant additional $217 soon. I cannot do on line so will have to phone you on Monday. I look forward to your promises through the post. Thank you.

  9. Please Pray for me I can’t anymore it seems like my life has fallen completely apart! I really feel like giving up as the days comes near I’m so tired one minute I do good the next I loose things I pray im tired of all the delays one minute I make money to pay my bills the next I don’t have enough money to pay my bill I’m barely working im about to get put out of my apartment I have to turn in my furniture Monday I need to pay my insurance bill for my car I don’t have because of lack of work hours Im praying I have enough money to pay my rent Thursday when I get paid I prayed and ask God to meet me at the bank to have enough money to pay my bills my lights about to get cut off this week if I don’t have the money to pay I barely have any food in my house Im stressed don’t know which way to turn people owe me money and wont pay me I praying that God touched them to pay me back I’m in a bind right now I want the best in my life my children are grown and im still struggling so pray for me and my family Thank you

  10. Geraldine Mc Greal please pray for my protection
    From Evil. Pray for my son Kevin and daughter Sinead for my partner David Davitt and my
    friend Andy Tucker. Pray for my addiction
    To alcohol be removed from me. I greviances with Harvington to be resloved and my
    Fiances to be sorted. Thank you
    Lord for hearing my prayer.

  11. Thank you very much bishop berrian for your prophetic intruction. Anyway my spirit is willing to give a seed but I dont have that amount of and Im willing to attend in your conference but my place is so far and besides my connection in internet is not good… but anyway im just continue to update in your menistry always and im praying that the lord will intervene over my life… may the lord contnue to bless you and im praying for u always! God bless!

  12. Bishop Berrian , Thank You for being in my life. I’m asking for prayer that God will restore and give my son Marquise favor in the court room on Friday, Feb 3 for charges. May God order his steps and increase of wisdom, abundance, and protection. I pray for increase in his lack and may God use him, for his will in a mighty way. Amen. I will sow my best seed this week. God Bless you and please continue to pray for me and my family.

  13. Thanks for the prophecy you prophecies to me i wish to be there but I m to far from South Africa please pray for my daughter Nompumelelo applied from last year she completed the diploma in 2014 no job

  14. Lord God I lift up pray and intercede for Eithel 6:49 pm and Geraldine Mc Greal 4:21 am ; all those seeking and asking for prayer that there needs be met . Lord God for my sister Eithel I pray God that the spirit of lack is ” cancelled ” and broken off of her life in Jesus Name. I declare and decree that she will have” More than Enough” for the rest if her life. We are children of the Most High God and we are not what our bank accounts say. Its just temporary. But you Lord God, Abba Father is Rich in houses and Land. You Lord God supply all our needs, wants and desires Lord God. We speak those things are not as though they were. We are the head and not the tail; above only and not beneath. Lord I pray, I declare and decree that debts are being permanently cancelled our barns are full; our bank accounts, our cupboards and refrigerators we have more than enough. I pray and speak deliverance from alcohol for Geraldine. Lord God take the taste and desire from her mouth Lord God. Replace that desire with Love and desire to please YOU LORD GOD. ( Read Psalm 51) everyday. Thank you Lord God I ask in Jesus Name and declare it done.

  15. Thank you very much man of God. So sorry I could not asses my mail earlier than now. However, I may not be able to meet up with the seed offering now, but I,m following to sow when its available. May the good Lord prosper your calling in Jesus

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