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Mastery Steps with Prophetic Word

Step 1: Click on the Video to watch


Click Here Sow your Faith Seed $31.70



Step 2: Go to your email and read the rest of the instructions for Mastery.

Step 3: Wednesday March 1st at 7:30 PM EST with your list of 11 situations you want MASTERY in.

37 Replies to “Mastery Steps with Prophetic Word”

  1. I have sowed my mastery see of $156.00. I’m waiting on the prophetic word. Thx. I’m truly blessed from the ministry. Blessings bestowed upon it: The seed was sowed Past Saturday 2/25/17

    1. Good Evening Sister Pamela, if you still have not recieved your prophetic word please give a call on the ministry line 404-380-1478

  2. I have sowed $156.00 already. Enjoy your birthday celebration. Wishing I could be there.
    God Bless you and may he continue to supply all your needs in Jesus name. I’m so blessed by your ministry.

  3. I already donated 56$ as faith seed and I know God is working on it now to all that 11 word of prophecy in my life. Miracle after miracle to God be the glory.

  4. I’m so thankful for the word. I wish I could sow but am not working but soon as I get something I will so because the word is helping me

  5. Thank you for all your prayers I am not able to sow a seed at this time Man Of God,, please continue to pray for me and my family, God bless you and your family.

  6. I sowed $56.00 Mastery seed on Sunday, 2/ 26/2017. I haven’t received my instructions/directions. Happy life day to Bishop Berian.

  7. thank you bishop and prophet elijah.. yes i want to declare that whoever block my blessing let him die.. please .. may the Lord cut off the evil word and curses and deed of the following agaianst me.. bobot a witchcraft doctors inday once i associates.. nelgie aguirre noel aguirre marilou dancel who speak curses against me roselyn lariza narcita ortiz linda fuentes rina veronica besa rasgo family susan grefalda baby and ingo ireneo may he forgive brian rasgo jona rago myrna bataican fatima i declare that whoever trying to decieve me to block my blessing to bettay me in my relational in my pace of work my co worker out of jealousy nita rose regine roselyn linda nida ray may all die of thier motive i declare also if thos eople are decieving me betray me or making a foo.and try to manipulate may the Lord bring justice and deliver me ezzel carlo samuel sunday re. daniel bam.. but then if they are truly trying to help me and thier motive is pure oh may the Lord gave share of blessing.. i declare that whoever blocking my blessing in word and in deed when i did not know ohh my the the great and moghty God figth a battle for me may God reverse thier evil arrow to fall unto them and deliver me me from thier hands.. yes bishop for so many are trying to pull me down.. also i declare the people in sacrifice valley whom i associated before this a big occultism and bring curse into my life niw i declare they die and i am free ..ohh thank you thank you am so grateful .. yes bishop i will plant the seed for 58. and 31 soon i got my moey this month and that is next week…

  8. Thanks you Bishop prophets Elijah yes I want declare that whoever block my blessing let him die.may
    Lord cut off my off the evil word and course and deed of the following against me Amen!!!!!
    Prophet Elijah pls help your son to win because your son didn’t have money and son dei from Ghana
    His is not doing nothing prophet help me out of my evildoers hand Amen

  9. bishop pray for me to broke all the chain of evil spirt,curses,disappointment,enemies,in the name of jesus I’m struggle of financial and debt order I’m stil waiting me miracles

  10. Yes I’m moving in faith with all seeds that was asked to be put into the ground so I’m looking forward to God bringing a6shift into my life and stopping the enemy once and for all.

  11. Please pray for me and keep evil away from me people just don’t want to see you do good. Pray for my girls. And my family that going though a lot at this time . Thank you

  12. I have sowed my $31.70 faith seed and $156.00 mastery seed. I haven’t receive my oil. Wish you happy birthday and many more to come and you receive blessing after blessing.

  13. Hello biahopy and ministries i will be sow a seed of $56 at 12:00 midnight est time since I’m in Texas.. Thank y’all for every prayer and powerful anointed word spoken in my life and my loveones life..

  14. Hi bishop Elijah I really want to seed my sow seed but I have problem I don’t have a credit card or I don’t know how to send it to you

  15. Whoever is holding my blessing LET THEM DIE! Kimberly Johnson Jason Johnson and whoever else is trying to block my miracle and blessings let them die. I sowed my seed my life been on hold up for a long time. I can’t work because everywhere i go people are getting sick from my presence. There is a spirit of witchcraft against my life. Please pray for my healing and deliverance and for my family that is getting sick when I’m around them. Let every shame and embarrassment against my life DIE NOW in Jesus name!

  16. I have sown a seed of faith of 31.70 Yesderday. Thank you for prayer. Need prayer for debt cancellation; financial restoration; Salvation of my brother and their families.
    Need doors to be open for employment with a good salary.

    Blessings Kamini

  17. Thank you for the prophetic message for me ”’ and I know that God knows my heart ”’ I want sow but I don’t have,,,,I’m always praying to my situation. And I know God will use me for his glory…. Thank you bishop God bless

  18. Sowed the $58.58 seed believing the 8 blessings shall over take me with overflow of the Harvest of Joy Ps.126 waiting on the Anointing oil and the word of the Prophets being sent to me. Have a blessed & Prosperous Birthday. Prophetess char Bailey

  19. i am in Zimbabwe i dont know how i am going to put in my seed Where and how am i going to do this from Zimbabwe

  20. Am really blessed by all your messages but things are really bad for me now financially please help me sir

    1. We pray for a financial break through Brother. Also please Join us at 5am or noon on the Prayer call at 515-739-1285 access code: 238356#

    1. Hi Sister Malissa, if you ever have a problem with sowing your seed through the website you can give us a call at 404-380-1478. Have a blessed night!

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