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19 Replies to “Miracle Stone Message”

  1. I’m blessed again.All you have been sharing to me are really God is talking to me again.I know from the beggining I’m he’s one of hes loved ones too.
    when I was a child of my parents in home God spoke to me many times in my spirit and in my minds,I saw some wonders too and I started to wonder if someone is there in my environment and is interested with me.
    When my mother knew when I was old enough to understand things and the languages she explained to me a dream that God had shown to him a night before my birth.I knew that very well when I was getting older and going to higher schools and colleges.
    During my youthful life I was interested most in fellowship with God only.I very well knew God lives and he has a very important plan for my life.I knew I was one of he’s loved one for he’s purpose in my life and God started giving vision or I started having a scope of vision in my life.
    Almost my visions were fulfilled except I married a woman from different culture whom I have never thought of.My educations and institutions I have entered were fulfilled according my visions,even I got a job I have planned,I also got a position I planned before next last step.I now am in my last plan in a vision I had but during this big times I have been going through I faced really a hard challenges.The boss’s,my officers,people in power,people around community and chief,Church,my relatives,even my own brother and sisters,betrayed me.They tried to spoil me.My wife can’t support many as well in good heart I have had for everyone.Instead they led me down.I was deprived of my many privileges supposed to have enjoyed in my job,home,and etc.
    Despite all these I have not lost hope,but I’m on now in my last and most important final step before my last point of vision still exists before it will show up.However many trusts me as a good leader,many recognizes me as unique and powerful and now I’m in my final progress which is as I’m a prophetic friend now.My desire to Minister to people of God he’s messages and Gods wonderful words are here I’m doing it under he’s directions is fulfilled.
    And what’s next is what I’m highly expecting,with grudges of mine heart and struggles and pain due to many arrows evil one has fired on me to put me off.Even I go to a stages I have nearly and almost lost my life but Mighty God kept me safe until now this stage.
    My vision,my desire to fulfill Gods calling and he’s plan in my life,the vision I had is close but very tough here in my country.
    My vision to safe my nation in crisis which is called a christian nation at conflict now in political crisis,economical crisis,religious crisis deteriorating of its beautiful colours we had given of God.People say our nation a beautiful Papua new guinea,they say paradise PNG,a naturally well blessed country with clourfull cultures,people,resources on and in land,a land of tea,coffee,copra,palm oil,cocoa,many more and gold,copper,floating on oil and lights on flames of gas etc.And they say a land of milk and honey.
    I’m not interested in those but my leaders,all levels of leaders here have failed it.They saw these great blessings and gone drunk with all these and forgot Gods Laws.Very hard to maintain this damage caused by anyone here. I have a vision from God for Gods purpose only from the beggining before this happened.That’s why evil one challenged me so hard and even caused delay to all blessings too.
    Im now determined,having a courage and confidence in me now when you have also supported me to this purpose and more.
    Jesus Christ is coming very soon and here’s one thing Gods plan is my country Papua New Guinea has a mission needs to be accomplished is in Gods big mind.We are here for getting up things organized and got fixed ready for God to reveal he’s great purposes after all ages amen!
    I want to lead my nation to Gods purpose in placed.Thanks a lot for you have been supporting and praying for me.You are my true brother.Hope I will meet you face to face and well smile in sunshine.To God be the glory and amen.Your true brother is Jesus and me.
    Joshua Lyarip Kep
    Man of God

  2. My beloved Bishop and Prophet,

    God continue to bless you abundantly,
    This white stone seed I will offer it to the work of God. I really need the stone and the anointing oil, the money is in my hand and already thrown on the ground and prayed for. I thank you very much man of God. I believe my doors are really being opened, and more doors will continue to be opened for me by the end of this year all my delayed blessings will be fulfilled by the God of Bishop Berrian and my God.

    Iv Y

  3. Bishop Berrian I thank you so much for praying for me and my family. You are a blessing to many your a true brother God bless yu

  4. Bishop Berrian i need prayer every minute of our lives and i thank you for prayer and i really need a miracle but i don’t have anything at this time. I will keep my eye on god . in jesus name AMEN..

  5. Bishop Berrian I thank you for continuing to prayer for me God bless you yes I agree that the devil is trying his best to attack me but I do know that our father Lord God with his Almighty power will protect I’m standing on the rock ..I need the miracles and holy spirit to be a upon me I know that Jesus loves you and ministry team and I love you too…Amen

  6. Bishop Berrian,thanks somuch in the prayer, I feel the enemy attacking me and my sisters, thanks for praying for me I feel blessed in your message thanks somuch God bless Bishop.

  7. Hello bishop and ministries please continue pray for me and my family, right now I’m going through financial issues even though i believe God is going to the windows of heaven and pour out blessings and favors in my life. Please pray for my son Don Mays Jr is in jail for criminal mischief and burglary of a habitation and is own heart wants to give due to my financial issues I’m unable. and every time i tries to pay my bills monthly something hindrance me each and every month..

  8. Bishop and ministries please continue praying for me and my family, right now I’m going through financial issues even though I believe God is going to open heaven window and pour out blessings and favor in my life. In Jesus Christ name Amen.

  9. Thank you man of God for standing with me in the gap for Lord thank you in the name of Jesus . I just started back working in the name of Jesus i can’t sow my seed today but am believe God that i will be able to sow sooner enough.God Bless you.

  10. Thank for your prayer Bishop I am so sorry I can’t fine my faith seed offering but as soon as it comes my way I will send it

  11. Bishop Berrian thank you for that awesome word. I’m going through a Big Situations with my Disability from SSI .And also with my Daughter Disability as well. Her Father Name Is Lamont Davis
    hasn’t paided Child Support in 8 yrs. And will not take a paternity test at all. I have pray and pray to God about this Situation!!! So can you please pray about this Situation in Jesus Mighty Name Amen!!!!

  12. Thank you very much man of God,

    I believe of all what you are prophesying to me, because I was just reading of a stone which the devil lies for us children of God in the heavenlies and immediately after reading of this testimony in the U tube its when I received your covenant stone miracle message. I have prayed for so many years but to no avail nothing to show, completely nothing. I believe through you and your ministry God is answering my prayers. thank you very much keep the stone and its oil for me. Once I go in the city of Zomba I will pay my covenant stone seed. God bless you indeed. God is faithful. Thank you once again.

    Iv Y


  14. Man of God thank you for the prayers I have tried with my bank to send the seed through money gram as I have always being doing, I tried for three times, yesterday only to be told that there is another way which will take the seed straight and faster into your account, if the stones and anointed oil is still in stock please and please, send me this as advised by my bank

    (1) Your Account number,
    (2) Your swift-code,
    (3) your bank address and
    (4) your personal address which I already have on all your e mails.

    Sorry for troubling you. Thanks once again for all your prayers I have really started seeing changes.

    God continue to bless you and your ministry.

    Iv Y

  15. Thank you brother.. Once again m thankful to you that I had defeat all my devil because of your prayer… Dear brother I want a baby please pray for me that m expand our generation.. Halleluya Praise the Lord… Amen

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