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6 Replies to “Powerful Prophetic Video! Watch Now!”

  1. Thank you for those powerful word Bishop Berrian and the prayers, in Jesus name you don’t know how it help me to hear the word of God blessing to you bishop.

  2. thanks alot man of God,u inspire me with your words..they give me power when ever I feel lost..keep on with the good words God bless you.


    Thank you so much, Bishop Berrian for your messages & powerful prayers, Amen! So overwhelming, to be prayed again by you online, halleluiah! Please keep praying for me and my Son David. Our concerns now: 1.My younger brother John Erwin Teodoro & Wife Angelica received their much awaited millions of Pesos (Phil.currency) weeks ago, and they must pay me now. In USD 5000 from 1996 owed money from me. 2. I filed a criminal case (Grave Coercion) against my former Condo Lessor (Eleanor Bulaong) & Bldg. Administrator (Godofredo Calinisan) by not stopping asking the Association Dues from me w/c is her primary obligation to do so & not on our agreed/signed notarized contract..They took hold of our Stuffs & still there inside the Condo unit.Our contract ended last June 30th, 2017 already.WE MUST be VICTORIOUS over this case, in JESUS’ Name! 3. I’m diagnosed of a coronary heart disease from the result of my Blood Chem 2weeks ago (but, under medications)I’m healed in JESUS’ Name/ ISAIAH 53 : 4-5. Thank you & more power chosen vessel of God & God bless! 9:45PM

  4. The day I got this Email, My Phone would not play it. Until Today, This is a Blessed Teaching, keeping My Awareness Up. God Bless

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