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Prophetic instruction

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7 Replies to “Prophetic instruction”

  1. Please pray my health an healing my desire is to sow into the ministry just give me some more time an continue to pray that my total breakthrough will come in the area of a job overseas an also a finacial breakthrough i also want to excel in ministry,crave ur prayer thank again

  2. Please pray for my health and bless my gifts that you have put inside of me.Give me discernment so I can see where people are coming from.I have so many challenges up ahead help me to deal with them.

  3. Praise the Lord thanks for prayer plz about my martige and my govnt job and busnniss and my sister marriage also and she job also plz my sister husband salvation and he bad behaviour and my 2nd sister husband went out plz prayer for he want to come back and my mom health and my father was no more with us
    But plz my humbble requst plz prayer for my susses

  4. Right now my husband is my only financial resource he work , barely got a job 3 weeks ago trying to make the ends meets and they told him he can’t work cuz he has a backproblem his disc in back dislocated and his hips are gone but still work he says today he couldn’t do it he had been told just get off the job go see a doctor get a letter from him so he is stress out and crying. How m I gonna keep everything paid for our bills he is worry about now please pray for him for his healing being sick lately. Another struggle financially again. I believe the lord will help him. Thank you.

  5. Please pray for my son Daryl salvation
    Pray God send me a husband, the man i am with I ;m not sure we are married – it’s a confused mess….

  6. Pls continue to pray for me and my son kevin and daughter jamie for financial breakthrough, breakthrough of project kalawis, promotion divine protection and good health..considering the distance and time I most of the time can not make it to the conference call and somtimes more often, I received the invitation layer than the schedule..thank you

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