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10 Replies to “Prophetic Overflow Instructions!”

  1. Praise the Lord already sow my over flow seed twice.. I believe and receive every powerful appointed word spoken unto my life… Hallelujah Jesus

  2. Praise God and I thank you beloved prophet for the prophetic messages I have received from you ever since you started praying for me and my family. Beloved, I have been having difficulties sowing my SEED OF FAITH using your link.
    Please advice me other means of sending my Faith Seed. The possibility for me is by Western Union. Appreciate your advice soonest. Remain Blessed.

    Melchior Bari Kalit

  3. I trust You Lord, You know my heart and I have surrendered everything to You in the Name of Jesus. Thank you in the name of Jesus blessings miracles of over flow to be upon me & family …all honour and glory to God. Amen

  4. Thank you, very much man of God, I receive my overflow, now,in Jesus mighty name, I would like to sow my seed, even that’s always my desire to fund the kingdom gospel, but at this time, I had nothing, also don’t know how to send my seeds,so when I had my seed than I will sow,Glory and Honour to God alone the source of my life, I receive my overflow Amen

  5. Bettina S. Teodoro.

    I totally trust you Lord, for the overflowing Signs, Wonders & Miracle blessings unto my Life, continuously. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

    7:57 PM

  6. Thank you man of God.I feel the blessings.Your prophecies are always accurate.I,m hopping I will be able to sow the seed very soon.God bless you and your team.

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