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14 Replies to “Prophetic Prayer Shut-in Instruction”

  1. Bishop please keep me in prayer. I will be to work at the time the shut in. So keep me in prayer, thank you man of God.

  2. God bless bishop .. from philipines i will be sending the 50.11 seed bishop thru moneygram but i cant be in conference call ..our time is different .. but i believe God will break the curse.. i believe that you are a devine conection God send.. so please continue for praying for me.. how i will be able to partake the consecration of the water salt and bottle of grapes. since i cant be in the conference call.bishop i havnt recieve the oil yet and the first instruction on how to use it.

  3. Amen , Bishop I’m looking forward to tonight and I know that God is miraculous troubling my waters… my spirit has grown to a new level and my soul is soaring to a high because God birthed a newness in me like nothing I can explain… I did the 111.11 . 50.11 , the 27.11 and yesterday received a email and the 55.5 … I can honestly tell you this was nobody but God … to have access to be able to sow … nobody but God … and I thank him that I answered the call to study with you and break Family curses and strongholds.., I praise God for such a time as this .,,Amen! I witness the devil being restless the night you was calling for a particular person and he had everything and every being he could to hinder the word from moving forward… I told my husband what had happened and all I can say Obedience is better than sacrifice… people have no idea when the man of God says silence , be still , shut up they need to listen for God is speaking through his vessel.., and if he’s not talking to you shut up .., Tonight I believe God will speak through his men and women of the Cloth .., I’m ready !!! I’m ready !!!’ Amen !
    Minister Carol Jones …Katy Texas

  4. God bless Bishop, how I wish to join the conference or even watch you in TV program. I come from the Philippines and because of f time difference I got a hard time. Please continue praying for me. I know God have sent you to help us.I believe that this is not an accident but part of God’s plan to use you to extend prayers for someone in need like me. I will be sending my seed faith next week.
    God bless you indeed.

  5. Keep me in your prayer please at all times for I have been battling for a sometime know but I will never give the devil the satisfaction because I will continue to press on in the name of Jesus…

  6. I would like to join the conference but because I am from Africa our time differs. May I know the TV Channel so that I can watch your TV program. Please continue praying for me. I know God have sent you to help me I believe that this is not by accident one time I will manage God requested as my faith Seeds. My Bishop it is according God’s plan to use you to extend prayers for us. As soon as I my finance is stable I will do everything that Gods me to do. Keep me in your prayer please at all times for I have no relationship my feelings to man are dead my divorce no man is looking at me.
    God bless you indeed my Bishop.

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