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12 Replies to “Prophetic Instructions, Listen now!”

  1. I don’t have a job now. So I’m not able to Sow. As a partner with the Ministry. Please keep me in prayer for a Job.

  2. Hi bishop I don’t have any income please pray I get this supervisor job I went in interview for today I’m claiming it in Jesus name I’m believing god for miracle and breakthrough in Jesus name keep Brandon and Cam’Ron and Margaret and Charlisa on altar

  3. Hello bishop and ministries unable to sow a seed right now but I’m a faithful sower..Pray for my prosperity financially increase..

  4. Bishop Berrian I am ready to recived for my wonderful powerful of break through yes yes yes yes yes yes yes i am ready for nxt step…Amen

  5. I can’t get on the line my phone number won’t allow me to get on and I can’t download any apps on my phone. I’ve been supporting Prophetic Ministry but I’ve been under such attack financially. I am in need of a Job. I been praying for break through. It doesn’t seem you guys even look at these comments. I posted from yesterday you sent me email to Sow. Can’t sow if you aren’t receiving money. I don’t have any income coming in. Thanks for your prayers.

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