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9 Replies to “Prophetic Word Message”

  1. Am not working due to a back injury n I need surgery. At this time I have no money
    Maurice Meridith

  2. Thank you bishop I am going to send it in on the 25th of this month. Please save it for me thanks God bless

  3. Thank you Bishop I got your just wondering where can I get money to sow I don’t have anything at all my car is repo my utilities are about to shut off . My husband​ is very sick going in for surgery next week.i want tht stone that you try offer me.

  4. Hello bishop and ministries thank y’all for every prayer and powerful anointed word spoken unto my life, unable to sow and my heart desire to sow a seed, please pray my strength, finances, my family..

  5. I have already sent the money for the stone in the mail….you should have received it already ! Please say save my stone for me !! Victory is mine ! The stone is for me !! Please look in the mail for my stone seed !! Please send me the instructions and the stone and the oil ! In Jesus Name !!


  6. Bishop..
    Thank you for the many prophecies and prayers..i receive the victory. God knows my financial situation..I am a giver. I can not give at this time but I know my breakthrough..ny overflow is soon to come. You are truly on my list to bless financially. God promised me all that has been stolen..will be returned plus other promises will be made manifest in not many days. As finances come in you and your ministry shall be blessed. I speak overflow to you. I speak blessi gs of more than you ask ..think or imagine. in al area of your life abd your families. May God use you even the more to His glory. God continually bless. Apostle Angela

  7. Bishop am all the way in jamaica want to get my stone but am battling with financial problems I don’t know if it would be possible to mail it to me and them I send my faith seed offering thank you

  8. Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ,
    Our Lord and Savior, I am just coming from the bank my desire have been wanting to receive this stone, my banks are failing to send money gram since last week. Today they have requested me for your Acc. number, swift code, Bank Address and personal Address.

    I believe I am a victor, you will send me this information as soon as possible. I really would love to have the stone and the anointing oil.

    Thank you

    With love
    Iv Y

  9. Bishop can you send me the stone and i will sow a seed August 3rd receive security disability income monthly.. I need healing in my body..

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