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5 Replies to “Special Prophetic Message”

  1. Thank the Lord I was able to show my seed of 29.11 on yesterday I’m trying to block the enemy and the devil form blocking my blessing an the police Grant Glover from hurting me and my children he thinks that I have money to just give away to they I send all the negative thing an negative thing that he put on my name and my family back to him in Jesus name I don’t claim it it Jesus matchless name amen.

  2. Hello Bishop Berrian,
    I joined the call line last night and paid the $29.00. Didn’t know if I should have received a prophetic word.

    Below are the 3 things you said to send to you for prayer:
    Miraculous Healing for me and my husband and our family members.

    God and His angels battling the things that that has been held up, stolen, hidden, hindered, curses removed, and send the thief(s), evil spirits, and satan break their contol over me completly and release to me and Lowell our family what was been promised from God like you did for Abraham, Moses, David, Jabez, and Job when you healed him and restored what was taken by Satan.

    God, Jesus and Holy Spirit change Lowell and me and our families, place your supernatural plans for us in our hearts and spirits to run the race for you and and always to fight the good fight of faith never waivering Give us visions and dreams and Godly divine appointments. God May Your hedge of protection shield us from all evil, all penetration by the enemy, and the are not able to see over, though, under or over top of the hedges. Let Your Love surround us and Let Us Praise You with a loving heart in our spirits and souls.

    May God continue to Bless You Bishop mightly. Thank you so much.

    Carolyn Hall

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