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7 Replies to “It’s Time Audio, Last Time”

  1. Thanks be to God. Wonderful and holy full of glory and honor. .you are alpha and omega beginning and the is my time in Jesus name Amen

  2. Glory to God !!! I receive your message and I am grateful I am blessed because you always praying on our behalf for me and my love one . Yes many of strangles bet Ween us ,n so, I receive the name of Jesus it’s broken !! It’s powerful anointed word spoken also the word of for me ,but the seed I want sow , because I am in Iraq n I didn’t know how to send ,

  3. I need this so much !! GOD knows I haven’t a cent to sow….completely broke …..absolutely nothing to give….can I order this book at the end of the month when I get some money….God bless you Bishop Berrian Amen

  4. I received your message and at this time I am unable to so a seed. I will very soon Bishop. thank you for your prayers on my behalf.

  5. Bishop I received your message and at this time I don’t have any money, I will sow a seed to your ministry! I thank for all your prayers and your team of prophet’s as well. At this moment and time I received the message with excessively Joy!

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