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8 Replies to “Urgent Prophetic Message! Listen Now!”

  1. Hi pastor i thank you for praying for me but i don’t have anything 2 sow god knows i don’t.but if u can pray on for better days.. But god is able..Amen

  2. Hello bishop and prophet Elijah continue pray for me and my loveones, myself living in a motel for a week along with my 15 yr old son, pray i receive a job and pay off my traffic ticket $1,027 and plus other surcharges and receive my driver license again then a vehicle, please continue pray my back and spine hurts almost daily and myself restless and very tired..As God provide i will sow unto the ministry again.Glory to God and may blessings continue flow in Jesus name Amen@Amen

  3. Bless you bishop. Thank you for praying on behalf of me. I feel blessed. As soon as I come In to financesfinances I will sow my seed. Bless you Bishop.

  4. Thank you. I connect and receive the prophecies in Jesus name. May my marital storms seize! May the grace of God rain restoration in my marriage in accordance with God’s purpose and instructions related to marriage. May God use my husband in ministry. Amen

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