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8 Replies to “What is Stopping Your Blessings?”

  1. Hi as soon as I get piad Saturday morning I will so that seed been having problems with you’re online payment in the past.god is good I need god to change my life. Thank you pastor for you r prayers.

  2. Bishop as much as I would to sow many seeds into your ministry, at this time I don’t have the money and when I do receive the money I will be honor to sow into your ministry for times you prayed for me and my children. what I can say is that I am very honor to have you in jy life as my personal bishop who encourage and speak life over us . I will honor you with a gift for all the times you have prayed before God on our behalf in Jesus Holy Name Amen

  3. Thank u for the word of God for my life but I have nothing to sow in your life I need sow into mine from the people of God

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